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The key to gaining and sustaining the edge in local government spheres can be attributed to the advantage of having the right information. rephrase as : This is information that is relevant, reliable and constructive in its ability to be a catalyst for effective and transformational governance. With knowledge comes power, both to lead and to build municipalities in such a way that the quality of executing service delivery in every level becomes greatly enhanced.

Municipal Edge seeks to be a strategic resource that will not only empower its readers with pertinent issues trending in local government but one that also bridges the gap between strategizing and implementation in regards to achieving service delivery goals.

The publication aims to equip government and public sector officials in assisting them to keep abreast with current advancements within the industry with the objective of improving the quality of life the quality of life provided to our communities by reporting on management innovations and best practices available for efficient governance.

The essence of the Municipal Edge publication is to:

•Capacitate local government officials on issues arising within local government sphere that are radically changing the landscape of operational governance within our nation.

•Provide a platform to market and give exposure to various local government gatherings that become avenues for growth and momentum.

•Lead in the provision of high quality, cutting edge local government information that will charter the course to raising the standards of governance within local municipalities.

Municipal Edge will be a hub of information through various articles, publications, advertisements and practical tools tailored to propel local municipalities into a new dynamic of service delivery excellence. It Seeks to be a link that will synergize advancements within the private sector on the improvements needed within the public sector, Municipal Edge will serve as a facilitator of such a connection. This publication will be made available both in printed and digital form and distributed to local municipalities & relevant stakeholders throughout the country

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